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Handyman Services


General Repairs

- Repairing or replacing sheetrock, plaster fix but no replacing

- Repairing or replacing cabinet hardware

- Fixing or replacing damaged window screens

- Repairing or replacing stair components (balusters, handrails)

Plumbing Services

- Repairing or replacing leaky faucets

- Installing or replacing garbage disposals

- toilet install

- Replacing or upgrading showerheads and faucets

- Running water lines and drain lines

Door and Window Repairs

- Installing new interior or exterior doors

- Repairing or replacing door and window frames

- Weatherstripping doors and windows

- Installing pet doors

- Installing or replacing door hardware

Minor Roof Repairs

- Patching small roof leaks

- Replacing damaged or missing shingles

- Sealing roof vents and flashing

Insulation Services

- Installing or replacing attic insulation

- Sealing gaps and cracks to improve energy efficiency

- Installing weatherstripping around doors and windows

Window Treatments

- Installing blinds, curtains, or shades

- Repairing or replacing window treatments

- Customizing and fitting window coverings


- Sealing gaps and cracks to prevent drafts

- Applying weatherstripping to doors and windows

- Installing door sweeps for improved insulation

Deck and Patio Maintenance

- Deck staining and sealing

- Repairing or replacing deck boards

- Power washing and cleaning outdoor entertainment spaces

Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair

- Installing new ceiling fans

Smart Home Device Installation

- Installing smart thermostats

- Setting up smart doorbells and security systems

- Integrating smart home devices for automation

Carpentry Services

- Building custom bookshelves or built-in cabinets

- Repairing or replacing exterior wood trim

- Installing wainscoting or beadboard

- Constructing or repairing wooden fences and gates

- Building and installing custom mantels

- Framing new walls or partitions

- Repairing or reinforcing existing framing

- Interior base trim and crown molding

Flooring Services

- Repairing or replacing damaged tiles

- Installing laminate flooring

- Repairing or replacing subflooring

- Grout and caulk replacement

Gutter Maintenance

- Adding gutter guards for debris prevention

- Adjusting and realigning gutters

- Sealing gutter joints and seams

- Installing downspout extensions

- Repairing or replacing damaged gutter sections

Exterior Maintenance

- Repairing or replacing damaged siding

- Sealing or staining decks and patios

- Installing or repairing exterior shutters

- Power washing and cleaning outdoor surfaces

- Repairing or replacing damaged soffit and fascia

Drywall Services

- Drywall installation for new construction or renovations

- Drywall repairs for holes, dents, and cracks

- Taping, mudding, and sanding for a smooth finish

Pressure Washing

- Cleaning exterior surfaces, including siding and driveways

- Removing mold, mildew, and stains from outdoor areas

Locksmith Services

- Installing or replacing door locks

Custom Shelving and Storage

- Building custom storage solutions

- Installing garage shelving and cabinets

- Creating functional and aesthetic storage spaces

Electrical Repairs

- Replacing or installing light fixtures, including chandeliers

- Installing dimmer switches

- Troubleshooting and repairing faulty wiring

- Installing additional electrical outlets

Painting and Finishing

- interior and exterior painting

- Stripping and refinishing wood furniture

- Staining and sealing outdoor structures

- Painting accent walls

- Drywall texturing and finishing

Appliance Installation and Repair

- Installing ceiling-mounted kitchen appliances

- Repairing or replacing malfunctioning appliances

- Installing or replacing range hoods

- Hooking up and installing washing machines and dryers

Assembly Services

- Assembling and installing kitchen cabinets

- Installing wall-mounted TVs and shelves

Emergency Repairs

- Temporary fixes for burst pipes or plumbing leaks

- Emergency roof tarping in case of severe leaks

- Fast response to restore functionality after a home-related emergency

- Temporary measures to secure doors and windows after break-ins

Tile Services

- Installing or repairing ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tiles

- Grout cleaning and resealing

- Regrouting and tile replacement

Concrete Repairs

- Patching and repairing concrete driveways and sidewalks

- Filling cracks in concrete surfaces

- Sealing concrete to prevent damage

Home Security Installation

- Installing security cameras

- Setting up motion sensor lights

- Adding window and door alarms

Pest Control Preventions

- Sealing entry points for pests

- Installing mesh screens on vents and openings

- Applying pest-resistant materials in vulnerable areas

Custom Home Projects

- Building custom pet enclosures or kennels

- Creating bespoke home organization systems

- Designing and constructing unique home features

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