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About Fix It Fellas

Where Expertise Meets Ease in St. Louis

Welcome to Fix It Fellas, your go-to handyman service in St. Louis, MO, where top-notch home repairs are our specialty. We're not just your average repair crew; we're committed to providing expert solutions with a focus on quality craftsmanship.

Meet the Chief Leading our team is Justin, the driving force behind our unique blend of expertise. Since 2005, he has been transforming home repair challenges into triumphs. Justin's skills are top-notch, ensuring every project is approached with precision and proficiency.

Our Ethos: Skill and Dedication At Fix It Fellas, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding results. Our team consists of skilled and detail-oriented professionals prepared to tackle a variety of home repair challenges, from plumbing to electrical work. We prioritize quality workmanship and a positive customer experience in every project

Our Services: Comprehensive Solutions for Every Need From applying a fresh coat of paint to resolving stubborn leaks under the sink, Fix It Fellas has you covered. Our services are a meticulous blend of precision and professionalism. 

Why Choose Us: Expertise with a Touch of Warmth Opting for Fix It Fellas ensures that your home repairs are executed with precision. Our commitment lies in delivering meticulous attention to detail, and results that are sure to leave you satisfied.

If you're in St. Louis, MO, or the surrounding areas and seek a handyman service that is professional and with expertise, Fix It Fellas is your answer. Count on us to address your problems with skill and, a smile!

Image of handyman doing services for home improvement repairs.

Our Process

Initial Assessment

The first step in our process is a thorough understanding of your requirements. When you reach out to us, we schedule an initial consultation, either in person or over the phone. During this meeting, we discuss the specifics of your project, your expectations, and any unique considerations your home may have. This step is crucial for us to tailor our services to your specific needs.


Understanding Your Needs

For more complex projects, we conduct an on-site evaluation. This allows us to assess the scope of work firsthand, identify any potential challenges, and take necessary measurements. Our experienced team uses this opportunity to provide you with more detailed insights into the proposed work, ensuring that we cover all aspects of the project.


Site Evaluation

Following the assessment, we provide you with a detailed proposal that includes the scope of work, estimated timeline, and a transparent breakdown of costs. We believe in clear communication, so we ensure that you have a complete understanding of what the project entails. Once you are comfortable with the proposal, we move forward with a formal agreement to commence the work.


Proposal and Agreement

Doing the Work

With the agreement in place, we prepare a detailed schedule for the project. Our team ensures that all necessary materials and tools are organized and ready. We coordinate with you to select the best times for the work to be carried out, minimizing any disruption to your daily routine.


Preparation and Scheduling

Our skilled professionals then begin the work, adhering strictly to the agreed-upon plan. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to quality. Throughout the project, we maintain open lines of communication, keeping you updated on our progress and any adjustments that may arise.


Quality Execution

Safety is paramount in all our operations. We adhere to all safety protocols and work diligently to maintain a clean and organized workspace. Our team takes every precaution to ensure that the work area is safe for both our workers and your family.


Safety and Cleanliness

Post Work

Upon completion of the work, we conduct a final walkthrough with you. This is an opportunity to review the work done and ensure that it meets your expectations and our high standards. We address any concerns you may have and make any necessary adjustments.


Final Walkthrough and Quality Check

After the final approval, our team thoroughly cleans the work area, removing all debris and equipment. We ensure that your space is left in a neat and orderly condition, restoring it to its original state or better.


Clean-Up and Restoration

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. After the project is completed, we follow up with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the results. We welcome your feedback as it helps us to continually improve our services. Additionally, we provide ongoing support for any future needs or questions you may have.


Follow-Up and Feedback

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